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i've been the man that i've hated most
i've dealt my share of pain
i know the things that i've done in the past
i know i am to blame
i know i must be in darkness
i know i must be out of the light
i dragged you into darkness
it's hard to see before i see the light
i've felt love and loss and fear
but i was just lookin out for me
i was scared you'd leave me alone
but together we can live free
i know we must be in darkness
i know we must be out of the light
i know you're keeping us in darkness
i won't let you bust out of the light

(rock n roll boot kickin solo)

i'll be damned if your illusory scam
will take the mind of the people
clearly, you're blind if you think our mind doesn't realize you're feeble
but your days here are numbered
people realized what you have done
the time of hate will be over
and we will all live as one


from attic us, released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved


art history month Charlotte, North Carolina

charlie holt
jake toedtman
christian coley

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