contemporary american

from by art history month



tearing out all the pages
bury them by the tree
i see when you're waiting for daybreak, your eyelids are screaming
impatiently awaiting daydreams floating in the back of a photograph
demolished landscapes hold our secrets (captive) in dirt graves
for the end of the year
please keep the floodlight off
we're tying up loose ends, hunting yeti in the trees
running from the fuzz
sleeping in the summer heat
jumping over A framed ladders into piles of leaves
visiting cat graves you deliver the eulogies straight from your mouth
to the heavens
as if those white clouds were houses for the dead
as if the white smoke coming from our houses was from the dead
sap stained the paper clenched, important, in our hands
we were dirt boy salesmen with schemes
petted raccoon locked in cages
supervisionless afternoons - what about being a kid?
where's the key?
cousin, please wake up. these convulsions are only dreams


from attic us, released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved


art history month Charlotte, North Carolina

charlie holt
jake toedtman
christian coley

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