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by art history month

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released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved


art history month Charlotte, North Carolina

charlie holt
jake toedtman
christian coley

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Track Name: summer limo
i saw a burning light
from the television static white
escalators were ascending into the sky
line up in a single
cook yourself on the pavement, fashion a lens to your eye
last night in the chandelier
i saw the reflection of my years of work
looked up to monuments built by transcendental youth
alone in flat landscape
in the planes i saw nothing
just an infinite silence heading for the hills
run to the hills if you know whats good for you
secrets of our old ancestors
open up thee old envelopes and read thee sentences aloud
putting our ears to the ground
hearing the sounds of our breathing
get in the car we are leaving
this town is history
weekends will never be the same
we are always working for a new vain
Track Name: contemporary american
tearing out all the pages
bury them by the tree
i see when you're waiting for daybreak, your eyelids are screaming
impatiently awaiting daydreams floating in the back of a photograph
demolished landscapes hold our secrets (captive) in dirt graves
for the end of the year
please keep the floodlight off
we're tying up loose ends, hunting yeti in the trees
running from the fuzz
sleeping in the summer heat
jumping over A framed ladders into piles of leaves
visiting cat graves you deliver the eulogies straight from your mouth
to the heavens
as if those white clouds were houses for the dead
as if the white smoke coming from our houses was from the dead
sap stained the paper clenched, important, in our hands
we were dirt boy salesmen with schemes
petted raccoon locked in cages
supervisionless afternoons - what about being a kid?
where's the key?
cousin, please wake up. these convulsions are only dreams
Track Name: not breathing
you lie awake at night waiting for me to find you
you were not the one for me, i was not for you
now we're lying on the ground waiting for someone to find us
waiting for the to find us
she said wake up
she said wake up, sally, she said wake up
cause youre not breathing anymore
and i'll be walking around the city while i wash my hands in your sins darling
and i'll be walking around the city while i wash my hands in your blood darling, your blood, darling
Track Name: light
i've been the man that i've hated most
i've dealt my share of pain
i know the things that i've done in the past
i know i am to blame
i know i must be in darkness
i know i must be out of the light
i dragged you into darkness
it's hard to see before i see the light
i've felt love and loss and fear
but i was just lookin out for me
i was scared you'd leave me alone
but together we can live free
i know we must be in darkness
i know we must be out of the light
i know you're keeping us in darkness
i won't let you bust out of the light

(rock n roll boot kickin solo)

i'll be damned if your illusory scam
will take the mind of the people
clearly, you're blind if you think our mind doesn't realize you're feeble
but your days here are numbered
people realized what you have done
the time of hate will be over
and we will all live as one
Track Name: ventilator & a morphine drip
here comes our man
he is dressed for the sand
he's got bedroom slippers and a sideways cap
walks down the street like a messiah
pounds the pavement like a pimp with his cane
owes the dealer his first born child's name (it's cynthia)
golden watch says it's time
psychic doorbell tolls a chime
look through the peephole
and it's a shivering mine
for me to see
woke up with a cold sweat
took a (little) deep breath
a scribbled message under my doormat
i wonder where he lies; put a dot on the map
this time he wont see me
i'm on the sandhills
walking on the water
i've gotta take care of my daughter
it's in my hands
in my hands
it's time