ventilator & a morphine drip

from by art history month



here comes our man
he is dressed for the sand
he's got bedroom slippers and a sideways cap
walks down the street like a messiah
pounds the pavement like a pimp with his cane
owes the dealer his first born child's name (it's cynthia)
golden watch says it's time
psychic doorbell tolls a chime
look through the peephole
and it's a shivering mine
for me to see
woke up with a cold sweat
took a (little) deep breath
a scribbled message under my doormat
i wonder where he lies; put a dot on the map
this time he wont see me
i'm on the sandhills
walking on the water
i've gotta take care of my daughter
it's in my hands
in my hands
it's time


from attic us, released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved


art history month Charlotte, North Carolina

charlie holt
jake toedtman
christian coley

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